Pension Auto-Enrolment – Update

Pension auto-enrolment – The Big Picture

I am sure you will be aware by now that the law on workplace pensions has changed and every employer with at least one member of staff has a duty to enrol all eligible members of staff onto a workplace pension scheme and to contribute towards it. Directors of companies who only employ themselves and do not have any other workers are exempt from auto-enrolment.

There are steps for employers to take to ensure that they comply with the new requirements. These include:

  1. Setting up a pensions scheme
  2. Enrolling staff into the pension scheme
  3. Completing the Declaration of Compliance

The Pensions Regulator has advised that companies should allow up to 12 months to prepare for this change.

What is happening now?

The Pensions Regulator is currently in the process of writing a letter to 1.5 million small businesses before Summer 2015 to advise them of their staging date. Provided you are not a single director company, this letter will advise you of your PAYE reference and ask you to ‘nominate a contact’ by a specified date. Once this has been done (via an Online form), the nominated contact will be sent all the communication about forthcoming changes and associated duties.

Further Information?

Further guidance can be gained from The Pensions Regulator website at